Thursday, August 25, 2011

You might be a good parent if...

I've always liked 'You might be a redneck if'-type lists. Here's a not-so-funny-but-feel-good list for moms and dads who often feel under-appreciated.

You might be a good parent if...

  • If you've ever made a sticker chart to get your child past a particular challenge.
  • If you stop cleaning/working/browsing the second your kid asks for a story.
  • If you've tried to hold a crying child while doing something that requires two hands.
  • If you kept your cool with goo or broken glass on the floor.
  • If snot in your hair or spit-up on your shoulder barely fazes you.
  • If you read to your kids every day.
  • If you get up and dance with the kids during closing film credits.
  • If you own any Barney or Sesame Street videos.
  • If you say I love you more than once a day.
  • If you cleaned all the poop out of the carpet and still loved that poop-smearer.
  • If you sing songs you remember from your childhood and pass along the awesome heritage.
  • If you're always trying to think of ways you can be a better mom or dad.
  • If you got home from a stressful day at work and the first thing you did was play Climbing Tree... you being the tree.
  • If you're teaching your kids chores are part of life.
  • If you pray with your children.
  • Basically if you've ever given something up or made a big life change for the sake of your children (quitting a bad habit, eating all organic, cloth diapering, homeschooling, watched only kid movies for a year).
You're a good parent because you put your love of your children before your love of anything else. You're good because of the sacrifices, big and tiny, that you make every day for their well-being, self-esteem, and education. You're good because you're trying.

You were put on this Earth to be your kids' mom or dad. That didn't happen by accident. Whether we chose each other or not, I don't know. I do know the kids you have are the kids you need, and they're the kids who need you. It's like magic that way.

So feel good about all the great things you're doing, and vow to add more to the list. They say childhood passes in the blink of an eye. Keep your eyes open and enjoy it. :)

Later, I'll post some pictures of our preschool-at-home: some fun silliness we get up to and some structured stuff that's well worth the effort. What are you up to today?

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