Knightly Curriculum

Our style so far is eclectic with a mix of classical and unschooling. While these two schools of thought can be seen as opposites, we believe the best education lies somewhere in between. We're learning as we go and finding that experimentation often leads to the best fun.

Currently using:

For Gilgamesh, 5 years old:

Sonlight Core B (1st grade) with Grade 1 Readers: Intro to World History; and Science B: Animals, Astronomy, and Physics

Singapore Math 1A/1B

Mathtacular DVD's and manipulatives

Bernstein Favorites: Children's Classics, including Peter and the Wolf, The Carnival of Animals, and A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

Sequential Spelling, Volume 1

DK My Art Book

Kelly Kits for art play, art education, and masterpiece competitions

For Alastor, almost 3 years old:

Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum by Confessions of a Homeschooler Kindergarten Language and Math program Math drill sheets and extra Handwriting practice

Homeschool Share Unit studies

Gospel Nursery (LDS) - (18 months - 2 years)

Gospel Sharing Time (LDS) - (3-11 years)

Gospel CTR4 (LDS) - (4-5 years)

The Friend online A magazine for children of faith

Scripture stories for children (purchase hard copies of the books here)

Math Mat by Learning Resources

Previously used:

Sonlight P4/5 Core plus Kindergarten readers: Exploring God's World

DK First Encyclopedia